Font 1

  • Working title: Flagship
  • Based on this WWII ad

Font 2

  • Potentially included in the Photocopy Kit (below)
  • Sourced from this Kelloggs ad

Font 3

  • Sourced from old game pieces found in an attic
  • Alternate version here

Font 4

  • Sourced from WWII era Hawaiian newspaper headlines
  • Used in the Plastic Noise product artwork

Font 5

  • Custom lettering for podcast logo

Font 6

  • Custom lettering for client poster

Font 7

  • Lowercase also built out (not pictured)

Fonts 8-10

  • Scraps from client and personal work



Redacted | A Classified Photocopy Kit

Okay so I have a ton of photocopy textures. I've collected them from all over.  Everywhere from scanning photocopies in the Geneology section at the local library to visiting the local newspaper and raiding their file cabinets full of years of archived photocopies. I've been going through them and trying to figure out how to organize and package them. One idea I think would work well for Mister Retro is to put together a kit that would allow people to easily give their designs a photocopied classified document type of look.  I love the aesthetic of WWII era advertising and propaganda.  Heck, the branding/name of my shop comes directly from a WWII ad I came across back in college (referenced above)! And I love the look of the old classified documents with the gritty textures, haphazardly placed classification stamps, and the blackened out sections of text.

So here's what I would envision being included in the pack:

  • Photocopy textures (see example image below)
  • Smart PSD to paste your artwork into and acheive instant results
  • Toner gunk brushes
  • Sharpie marker textures/brushes
  • Perhaps a typewriter font (Font 2 or something similar)

My hope would be to create something that is niche enough to stand out and peak people's interest but versatile enough that each element could be used independently to achieve a wide range of looks, not just a retro classified document type of look.

Lastly, I'm not married to the name at all.  That was one of my initial ideas but I'm definitely open to suggestion.

Several examples of the collected photocopy textures

Vinyl Press | Worn Record Sleeve Effect

Fairly self explanatory. Primarily this would be a Smart PSD that would allow the user to paste his/her artwork into the file and get quick results.  I envision having a good number of record ring textures to choose from and/or mix, as well as a smaller collection of extras (i.e. stains, edge wear, tape, price tags, etc.).  I've collected and scanned a lot of records with great wear and tear.  I worked on this fairly steadily a few months ago, but sort of lost steam with it as the process of scanning and extracting the texture can be fairly arduous and time consuming. That being said, I think it would be worth putting some more time into. I'm seeing this "worn record" effect all over the place, from podcasts to mainstream releases. As far as design resources go, the market still seems to be fresh. GoMedia has something similar but it only offers a few options and is pretty subpar. The only thing I've seen that is up to snuff is from True Grit. However, it's a bonus element of a larger product, so it would be easy to differentiate ourselves. I think we could definitely have success if we brand it correctly!  

Like I said, I lost steam along the way, but below you'll find a couple of examples of what we could do with it.

Dark design/artwork

Light design/artwork